Best DIY Sauna Kits

Best DIY Sauna Kits

Best DIY Sauna Kits

A regular visit to the sauna comes with an array of health benefits. However, it can be quite expensive, over the long run, to have to pay for every visit to a sauna. To save on such visits and still have the relaxing sauna sessions as much as you want every day, you should consider having one installed in your home. Over the recent years, an increasing number of homeowners have been undertaking DIY projects to install saunas in their homes; why be the exception? It is about time you made true your desire to have a sauna room in your home. With the sauna kits from our company, you can now easily and effectively install a sauna room in your home on your own.

Prior to using the sauna kits to install a sauna in your home, it is advisable to first get rid of the drywall of the room where the sauna is supposed to be installed. After stripping the drywall, you should ensure that the floor of the room is waterproof. If not impermeable, you will need to make it impermeable before proceeding with the installation. To achieve this, you may use either tiles or vinyl. After the installation is complete, you should choose your preferred sauna kit from our leading sauna kits. This is simply because we are some of the leading providers of these kits in the country.

Settling For the Right Sauna Kit

Basically, a complete sauna kit should comprise of the material required to line the entire sauna room. Some of the contents of the kit include hardware, lumber for the benches, the equipment and accessories for the sauna room and pre-cut lumber. In some cases, some kits may not include the heater. Unless you have a particular heater in mind, it is advisable to look for a complete kit that comprises of all the required items, including the heater.

Some of the leading sauna kit manufactures like DreamSauna, can also make kits that are customized to your requirements. In such a case, you will be required to send the manufacturer specifications of your desired sauna room. The manufacturer will include items that are custom made to meet the layout of your project. For instance, the lumber will be cut into a size that is ideal for your desired sauna room.

Wood Options

While looking for the right kit for your project, you need to look for a kit provider who will allow you to choose the wood type to include in the kit. However, the wood options, including poplar, western red cedar and hemlock, should be well dried in a kiln. These are the main wood types that are ideal for use in constructing a sauna. In addition to an aesthetic appeal, such wood types have a lot to offer and have the right properties for this project.

Prior to selecting the best suited sauna kits for your DIY sauna installation project, it is highly advisable for you to seek advice from the experts in the industry.  However, buying from the leading manufacturers, such as Dream Sauna will ensure that you always buy the best kits.