Building a sauna on your own is among the most difficult tasks as you will need to have complete understanding about its structure, material needed and components that will ensure quality results in the end. But, before going to start a DIY sauna kit, it is recommended to consult with the experts of Dream Sauna so as to be sure that what you are doing is right and you have suitable components to start working.

Aluminum Foil Vapor Barrier

The first step in constructing DIY sauna kits is to take a heat reflective foil in order to cover the place before applying the tongue & groove cedar. Since aluminum is ideal for reflecting heat, the company suggests homeowners to make its foil and add on the walls and ceiling so as to ensure that heat does not escape from the place and you will have the required temperature throughout the time.

Tongue and Groove Cedar

You will need to get a 1 x 4 inches, clear kiln dried tongue & groove cedar that will cover the entire area. You can also get it from Dream Sauna that is 5/8 inches thick and is normally available for horizontal application.

Cedar Benches

Clear kiln dried, 2 inches x 4 inches are perfect for building a lower and upper bench at the place that has maximum space. In addition, there will be underside bench fascia, bench hangers, bench crosspieces and different types of screws with their fasteners.

If you are building a larger sauna, L-shaped benches can be a suitable choice as they are capable of replace bench hangers with the bench frames that add durability and strength into the kit.

Solid Cedar Sauna Door

Get a 27 x 72 inches, pre-fabricated solid cedar door and don’t forget to mention either to have bronzed window or not. Doors by Dream Sauna are manufactured with clear kiln dried tongue and groove with the help of threaded rods in order to eliminate expansion and contraction.

While searching for a suitable door, you will come across with numerous sizes and shapes of doors that actually increase your difficulties and at this point, all you would need is expert consultation where, no one but Dream Sauna stands out!

Sauna Door Trim

Door trim consists of 1 by 6 clear kiln dried board to make the door frame, a bevel casing set and cedar door stop set for making the interior more comfortable and relaxing. You will also find a pair of brass door hinges, cedar door handles and adjustable nylon door catch.


The size and power of the heater depends upon your room’s dimension. If your area is big, the size of heater also has to be big or vice versa. The standard residential heaters in DIY sauna kits are made up of stainless steel that can be cornered or flushed on the wall.

Heater Guard

Materials include 1 x 4 inches and 2 x 2 inches cedar board that are used to build a protective barrier or guard around the heater so that you remain safe from accidents.