Sauna kits

Sauna Kits

All the Sauna kits available at DreamSauna are made from some of the best materials that can be easily customized. You will have the opportunity of choosing one that can meet your specifications and configuration. Customers can get their best sauna kits by sending designs and materials to the company and the best product will be supplied back within the agreed timelines. They are a fully professional company that upholds true professionalism and proper work ethics all the time.

The company has a variety of material kits that customers can choose the best from. If you have needs to satisfy, just make a visit to the company and you will be privileged to make a choice that meets your demands. Some of these kits include accessories, hardware, lumber and equipment among several others. Their kits are used for both commercial and residential purposes therefore don’t shy away from choosing the one that meets your requirements. The materials come together with heating units and all have a guarantee of offering the best service in high quality.

Actually, all these have met the mandatory requirements as stipulated by CE, CSA and UL. The company has a stable and fully operational sales team that helps customers get value for their money. With just a phone call, you will be served in the best way you have ever yearned for when looking for such kits. You can actually come up with your own kits by just observing the construction of the one you buy from DreamSauna. Equally, the purchase comes with a full package of materials and their required measurements to make that accomplishment easy.

There are many reasons why you should consider purchase of your sauna kits from DreamSauna.Sauna Kits DreamSauna

  • Each and every package of sauna from DreamSauna comes with a 1″x4″ tongue & groove (T&G). The kits do not have any joints and are thick enough for improved strength and insulation.
  • All packages have strong benches that come in two tiers. All the benches are well sanded thus have a smooth surface.
  • If you get a sauna package from DreamSauna, it will offer you a door that is complete with casing, frames, windows and the necessary hardware.
  • There is a customized package that customers can have to enjoy quality services from DreamSauna. It has a duckboard floor made of cedar that is fitted in front of the sauna benches.
  • With a package from the company, you will enjoy aluminum foil vapor that is designed for use with the ceiling and walls. There is also the sauna light that is vapor proof.

Other features that will inform your decision to buy sauna kits from the company include a standard heater with controls, a step-by-step guideline that is complemented by matching images and accessories like ladle, bucket and thermometer.

DreamSauna is one of the best places to shop for kits and they will be the best to satisfy your needs. Information discussed above will help you to make an informed decision whenever out to buy sauna kits.

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