Why Our Sauna kits Are the Best

Why Our Sauna kits Are the Best

Over the period we have been in business, we have been offering some of the best sauna kits in the industry. The kit comprises of all the material s you would require to construct a sauna in your home or have a professional build it for you. The kit comprises of such things as specific cedar lengths, lumber yards and builder supply warehouses. Additionally, the kit also contains door casing and cedar moulding, items that are not easy to find. F0or many reasons, you should opt for our Sauna kit, if you would like to build an attractive and highly effective sauna in your home. Mentioned here are some of the main reasons why our sauna kit is among the best in the country.

Versatility of the Sauna Kits

The kit s highly versatile in nature, as such, it can fit in almost any sauna construction project. For instance, if the construction is just, but a part of a large renovation project, like an addition or an already finished basement, the kit will be ideal for the purpose. Again, the kit is also easy to incorporate into any space you are working with and may be customized to fit in an array of settings. For instance, the outside may be a dry wall, but painted in a way to match the exterior of the bathroom.

Outstanding Quality

The Clear cedar material kits from our company are western tongue and groove red cedar and are always dried in the kiln. As such, they are grade A. Additionally, the cedar is of the right thickness; hence offer the maximum strength and durability possible for sauna kits. The cedar is also well polished to offer the best finish on the both sides. Some of our most popular and widely preferred material kits include the 2 x 4 Clear cedars.  These material kits are the best to use for bench framing and benches, rather than using the 1 x 4 kits.

Easy to Install

Our materials are specifically designed for the DIY projects. As such, they are pretty easy to install. If you can erect the stud framing, you should not have any problem installing the kit in your sauna.  All the aspects have been addressed to ensure that the kit is easy to install. For instance, the moldings, bench framing and the heater guard are all pre-cut. Additionally, we also include some galvanized nails in the package. If you have never constructed a sauna before, you should not worry; we also include an instruction booklet, containing illustrating drawings, to guide you through the process.

Is It Essential To Use Western Red Cedar?

While other companies in this industry may recommend using other materials, Western Red cedar is among the best material to use. This is because it is strong, durable and very attractive. Additionally, cinder offers a mild and pleasant fragrance that is associated with many saunas. The material is also capable of expanding and contracting without undergoing any form of deformation.

The period taken to install the sauna will mainly depend on the size of sauna you are constructing as well as your sauna construction skills. However, with the best sauna kits from Dream Sauna, the process can be a lot easier and fast to accomplish.